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Site Description

Author / Designer :
Ayman Bustanji
Title :
AB Academic Information Gateway
Purpose :
Promotion and dissimination of highquality Internet information resources with emphasis on Arabic sites upon their availability. Creating Internet workshop for librarianship and librarians in the Arab Countries
Date of Design :
September 2001
Publishing Date :
October 2001
Site Type
Personal & Professional
Design Language :
HTML 4.0 and JavaScripts
Site's Number of Files :
30 HTML Files + 5 Images
Author's Address :
Content & Selection Criteria:
Internet resources are choosen based on several conditions: Clear authorship, Availability of full-text in most cases, Ease of access, Academic style of writing, Acceptable design. No subject limitations are applied.
Best Browsing :
For English section, any browser is assumed to work properly. For Arabic section, only IE 4 and over.